Line Art Portraits of Logicians

You’ve probably seen some of the line art portraits of logicians we’ve commissioned. They were done by Calgary illustrator and graphic designer Matthew Leadbeater. We’re pleased to release them all now under a Creative Commons BY-NC license: anyone is free to use them in their own work, to create derivative works from them, and to share them, provided (a) credit to Matt Leadbeater is properly given and (see license terms!) (b) they are not used for any commercial purposes.

They each come in two versions, one with a line below, and one with the portrait in a circle.

You can download the original Adobe Illustrator files. For PNG and PDF formats, we have set up a GitHub repository.

Commissioning these illustrations was made possible by a grant from the Alberta OER initiative. We gratefully acknowledge the support.

[Bonus: an image file with all of them that tiles nicely, for your desktop background.]


  1. Alice


  2. says

    It would seem *logical* to release the line art portraits in an *open* format such as SVG…

  3. Bob

    Could the portaits be made available in SVG format?

  4. Richard Zach

    You can easily convert from PDF to SVG using open tools such as Inkscape; and the CC BY-NC license allows it. LaTeX does not import SVG; that’s why they’re provided in PNG and PDF.

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