Fall 2023 version of forall x: Calgary

I’ve put up the (beta) version of forall x: Calgary. I’ll hold off on putting it on Amazon for a bit to see if there are any problems. Here’s a list of changes:

  • Fully accessible HTML version and SCORM packages using BookML (issue 23). This required many changes under the hood; see the blog post on technical details.
  • Proofs now label premises by PR and assumptions by AS (helps with accessibility, and makes textbook match Carnap’s conventions more closely).
  • New chapter 13 (Limitations of TFL) based in part on section 12.5 of F21 edition.
  • New chapter 35 (Properties of relations)
  • Removed confusing sketch of soundness proof from chapter 22 (issue 66)
  • Moved section 30.4 (Satisfaction of formulas) to section 32.2 (Expressibility) and expanded it.
  • Added solutions to problems in chapters 7 and 29 (Ambiguity)
  • Added explanation on quantifier restriction at end of section 25.4 (issue 57)
  • Added material to section 27.3 on vacuous quantification, revised definitions of substitution to substitute only free occurrences of variables, and added section 36.6 to explain what can go wrong if you’re not careful with substitution (issue 77)
  • Revisions to section 4.2 to bring it in line with the terminology of chapter 3.
  • Added brief discussion of asymmetric use of “and” in section 5.2
  • Many minor revisons, fixed typos, and fixed formatting