OLP now with CC-BY license

After some internal discussion and canvassing of the Open Educational Resources community, we’ve switched the license from Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) to Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY).  BY-SA requires that anyone is free to use & modify a work as long as the modified work is “shared alike,” i.e., under a compatible license.  The idea is that if you use it, you have to let others use your improvements & modifications as well.  This is a laudable goal, of course, and we hope anyone who does build upon the OLP will do so!  But it does, e.g., require that everyone who builds their own version of a textbook on the basis of OLP to license it under CC-BY-SA.  An instructor may not want to allow redistribution of their adopted text at all, for instance. So CC-BY-SA potentially restricts the usefulness of the project and inhibits uptake.