Fall 2020 edition of forall x: Calgary

The Fall 2020 edition of forall x: Calgary is now available. The changes are:

  • some behind-the-scenes reorganization of the files (e.g, it now uses a stock fitch.sty, forallxyyc-style.sty with just the formatting stuff separate from forallxyyc.sty so the latter can be used in beamer slides)
  • renamed “expressively adequate” to “functionally complete”
  • incorporated some changes from the Cambridge version
  • moved chapter “Sentences of FOL” to before the “Definite descriptions” chapter
  • added two chapters on ambiguity (7, 28)
  • added “only” to section 23.1
  • split the chapter on normal forms and functional completeness into two
  • corrected some typos

You can check out the detailed changes since September 2019 on Github.