Diagrams, and a Chapter on How to do Proofs

Two major new additions: Paul Daniell has contributed a number of very nice illustrations for the “Sets” and “Functions” chapters, and I’ve turned Samara’s handout on how to do and write proofs into a new chapter in the “Methods” part.

The diagrams are done in Illustrator and I’ve fiddled with various ways of turning them into tikz code so they can be styled in LaTeX (e.g., the colors changed). We’ll have to define and document a “house style” for additional diagrams, and also the way the conversion to tikz code works.  (The .tikz files live in assets/diagrams for now).

The “Proofs” chapter is a brief intro on how to do mathematical proofs; all examples are from the “Sets” chapter, so don’t require a whole lot of mathematical background.  There are lots of examples, and some tips for what to do when you get stuck. Feedback welcome!