The Logic Gallery now CC-Licensed

David Marans has now licensed his Logic Gallery, a collection of tid-bits of information, thought-provoking quotes, and pictures of figures from the history of logic, as Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY). Download it as PDF or buy a print copy.

You can also find Howard Pospesel and David Marans’s Arguments: Deductive Logic Exercises (1978), the rights of which have reverted to the authors, available free & online.

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  1. David Marans

    As the author Logic Gallery, I am pleased that it has been recommended in OPL. Permit me this rewording the description:

    Logic Gallery is collection of thought-provoking quotations, interesting facts, and seldom seen images of logicians and their milieu’s century-by-century since Aristotle.
    Also, some might find my rather unusual Intro to Formal Logic interesting:

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