Repository Reorganization

As per issue #48, in order to keep the clutter in the main directory of the repository to a minimum, I’ve moved all the content directories containing texts to a subdirectory content/.  If you have a driver file that includes individual texts (part, chapter, or section) using \olimport, you will have to add “content/” to the optional directory argument.  If you use the starred version \olimport*, you shouldn’t have to do anything, as \olimport* now interprets paths relative to \olpath/content/. In other words, if your file contained the line


you don’t have to do anything, but if you had, say,


you’ll have to change that to


If you have added your own files to the content directories or have started a new part (really? amazing! let us know!) then the first line of those new files will have to be changed by adding an extra ‘../‘ to the optional argument of the \documentclass command, e.g.,