Wiki Now Part of Git Repository

The Github Wiki we use to document aspects of the project is now a submodule in the OpenLogic repository.  If you clone the repository (or clone a forked copy or pull changes in an existing clone), there now is an empty “doc” subdirectory.  You can safely ignore this directory, as it’s probably easier to access the Wiki documentation online.

If for some reason you do want the wiki pages in your own fork/clone keep Wiki submodule up to date with the official repository, you might want to read up on how to work with submodules.  The short:

  • Go to the doc/ subdirectory
  • Say “git submodule init”
  • Say “git submodule update”

Now, whenever you say “git pull” to update the OLT itself, you can also run “git submodule update –remote” to update the wiki.

These pages are written in Markdown format (hence the .md file extensions).