11 thoughts on “Vote for your Favorite Logician

  1. So far most logicians featured have been those who have given results on the more classical side (broadly speaking), so I would vote for logicians who have worked more on the nonclassical side, such as Jan Łukasiewicz (many-valued), Arthur Prior (modal), and Brouwer and Heyting (intuitionist).

    If you were to include living logicians, then of course the list of logicians could be extended much further! There’s Nuel Belnap, Graham Priest, Karel Lambert, Johan van Benthem, David Makinson, Dag Prawitz, and so many more…

    And on the other hand, I would also vote to have a few pictures of logicians from a bit further back: maybe Aristotle, Chrysippus, and William of Ockham?

  2. I vote in Dr. Newton Carneiro Affonso da Costa a non-classical logician. He is one of the founders of the paraconsistent logic! Also he constructed the theory of quasi-truth that constitutes a generalization of Alfred Tarski’s theory of truth, and applied it to the foundations of science.

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