Got Errors?

Are you getting LaTeX errors when compiling the Open Logic Project files?  If you get this one:

LaTeX Error: \memendofchapterhook undefined.

it means you have an old version of the memoir class installed. Get a new version from CTAN, or update your TeXLive or MacTeX distributions.

If you get another one, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of OLP installed.  If it persists, please file an issue on GitHub, and attach the .log file of the file you’re trying to compile.

Walter Dean (Warwick) Joins Editorial Board

We’re happy to announce that Walter Dean, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick, has joined the Open Logic Project’s editorial board.  Walter regularly teaches courses on the material currently covered in the text, as well as modal logic (inclusion of which is planned for next year) and provability logic and computational complexity theory.  He is planning to contribute to these topics in particular.

The Logic Gallery now CC-Licensed

David Marans has now licensed his Logic Gallery, a collection of tid-bits of information, thought-provoking quotes, and pictures of figures from the history of logic, as Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY). Download it as PDF or buy a print copy.

You can also find Howard Pospesel and David Marans’s Arguments: Deductive Logic Exercises (1978), the rights of which have reverted to the authors, available free & online.